Wax Info


All our wax is packaged in recycled cardboard. All the cardboard is 350 gsm. The packaging comes in Kraft (natural brown cardboard colour) or any other colour you want in either Matt or gloss. 

You can either design your own box in accordance with the attached templates or tell us what you want and our design team will design the box for you, free of charge. You may design the boxes in any colour and any design you wish.

The shape of all our wax is circular, 60mm by 20mm and weighs approx. 60g. The boxes are 65mm by 25mm.

Minimum Order

100 for just wax and 500 for custom boxed wax

Wax color available

White, yellow, red, blue, black

Wax temperatures available

All Water (use in warm and cool conditions)
Cold, cool, warm and tropical

Wax scents available

Bubble-gum, coffee, aniseed, banana, Barry, mango, coconut/lime, vanilla, coconut, vanilla/coconut